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In our experience preschool teachers have a love of children and a keen sense of their development and individual differences. ScienceStart! was created, tested and revised in numerous preschool classrooms and teachers were equal partners with researchers and developers.

ScienceStart! provides a framework through a carefully sequenced curriculum that encourages the development of age appropriate skills, knowledge and language. Key to the program is the integration of discussion, science, literacy, math and the arts.

ScienceStart! offers training services to beginning users either in a half- or full-day format.

Half-Day Training

This training provides an extensive overview of the program and covers module and unit sequence, scope and sequence, and the development and reinforcement of skills and knowledge. It covers the typical lesson and week. The training uses visuals, power point and encourages discussion as a way of modeling classroom discussions.

Full-Day Training

This training incorporates content from the half-day format and also allows deep dives into lessons and activities. It incorporates hands-on activities and role-play to familiarize teachers with the pace and depth of the program. Ways to support children’s discussions about science and to support early writing and reading are also covered.

Follow Up Forum

As teachers implement the program, issues and questions will come up. ScienceStart! is currently developing a User Forum. It will be moderated by an experienced teacher and administrator who was involved in program implementation for several years.

This forum will allow teachers to access a variety of resources that supplement the basic ScienceStart! Curriculum. It will also allow them to interact with other colleagues from around the United States, sharing and asking for advice about teaching techniques and resources.

The User Forum will launch by the end of 2019 and each teacher and administrator will have initial access without charge.