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Scope and Sequence in education is the process in which the curriculum is translated into a series of lessons and activities that make sense in terms of content and learning development. Scope and Sequence will reflect what a curriculum emphasizes, be it integrated or experiential learning or a disconnected topic-based approach. In preschool and elementary school, scope and sequence should reflect what we know about child development, how children learn (never at the same pace) and the careful sequencing of skills and content that logically flow from one to the other.

The ScienceStart! curriculum includes materials that fully satisfy Head Start requirements to document Scope and Sequence as well as meets and exceeds the preschool curriculum standards proposed by states and professional associations.

ScienceStart!’s curriculum Scope and Sequence information covering Math, Science Content and Skills, Print Awareness and Phonemic, Phonological and Alphabetic Awareness are explained in the various pages below.

ScienceStart! Science Content And Skills

Science Content and Skills

The ScienceStart! curriculum practices activities that introduce children to the basic science skills they will be using throughout the year. The four-step science cycle is introduced, with an emphasis on basic science activities.

Sciencestart! Math Scope And Sequence


Mathematics is a central component of scientific investigation and so it occurs naturally in ScienceStart! lessons. In addition, each daily lesson plan includes a separate section to emphasize ways to incorporate mathematics into the day’s lesson.

Sciencestart! Scope And Sequence Print Awareness

Print Awareness

Developing an understanding of how print is used to communicate is an essential component of acquiring literacy. Print awareness is believed to ‘emerge naturally’ for children who live in families where reading is an everyday activity.

ScienceStart! Scope And Squence Phonemic, Phonological And Alphabetic Awareness

Phonemic, Phonological & Alphabetic Awareness

Phonemic Awareness, Phonological Awareness and Alphabetic Awareness are critical components of print literacy.