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Virtual Classroom

Preschoolers who explore science develop a rich knowledge base about the everyday world as well as sharpening skills in reasoning, language, literacy, and math.

Based on its proven record of instructional effectiveness for all preschoolers, ScienceStart! has developed a program that combines science content and investigations through virtual learning – ScienceStart! Live.

ScienceStart! Live consists of 40 virtual lessons, divided into clusters of 10 lessons taught once a week by a certified ScienceStart! teacher. In addition to the virtual lessons the program provides additional teaching material to extend learning through math, reading and hands-on activities, offering the same depth of exploration and integrated approach based on the science cycle of Reflect & Ask, Plan & Predict, Act & Observe, and Report & Reflect. These activities are designed for homes or classrooms.

Each of  the Virtual lessons and additional activities focus on Measurement and Mapping, Color and Light, Properties of Matter, and Neighborhood Habitat.

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What’s Included?

  • 1 Virtual Session Per Week
  • 30 Minute Online Session
  • Zoom Link and Instructions
  • The ScienceStart! Science Cycle Guides Each Session
    • Reflect & Ask
    • Plan & Predict
    • Act & Observe
    • Report & Reflect
  • Supply List & Teachers Guide

10 Virtual Sessions


40 Virtual Sessions