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Lucia French is the creative and academic force behind the development of ScienceStart!. She has deep knowledge of child development and has hands-on experience working with teachers and children.

Lucia French, PhD, and Earl B. Taylor Professor Emeritus, recently retired after 32 years on the faculty of the Warner School of Education and Human Development at University of Rochester. She is a developmental psychologist specializing in young children’s language and intellectual development. As a Spencer Fellow of the National Academy of Education (1985 – 1988) she investigated the impact of the physical and intellectual environment on development. As a Fulbright Research Fellow (1992 – 1995) she observed preschool classrooms in South Korea and concluded that a primary reason Korean children learn to read relatively easily is because of the emphasis in the culture and in the preschools on developing listening comprehension skills. This finding has been incorporated into the design of the ScienceStart! classroom materials.

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Lucia French, PhD Creator of ScienceStart!