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The ScienceStart! Preschool Curriculum addresses all domains of science, presented at a level appropriate for young children’s interest in exploring and learning about their everyday world. The curriculum is coherent, so that each day’s lesson builds on and reinforces the previous lesson and provides the foundation for the next lesson. The curriculum is integrated, in that science content is explicitly related to activities in math, in language development, in literacy development and during art activities, outdoor play and center-based play.

The chart below illustrates how ScienceStart! builds and reinforces skills, concepts and knowledge as students progress from one module to the next. Based on extensive classroom use by teachers and students the modules have been carefully designed so that ScienceStart! is a coherent and developmentally appropriate curriculum. Fiction, non-fiction, music and art activities are integral to all lessons.

ScienceStart Builds & Reinforces Skills, Concepts and Knowledge