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ScienceStart! Preschool Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Activities

ScienceStart! offers research-based Preschool Curriculum, Lesson Plans and Activities that use children’s curiosity to support learning Language, Literacy, Mathematics and Science.

The preschool curriculum addresses all domains of science, presented at a level appropriate for young children’s interest in exploring and learning about their everyday world.

Returning To School – Parent Survey

As the Covid-19 virus spread across the U.S. this summer, school administrators and state officials worked on strategies for reopening in the fall. Some districts plan to return to the classroom, others will offer instruction online, and others will offer a hybrid of the two. One thing is for sure: The 2020-21 school year will not be business as usual.

Caregivers of school-age children, from PreK to high school, have been paying close attention. Most now know what their options are, from a mix of choices offered by the school district to homeschooling pods, tutors, and other alternatives. This month’s survey asks parents what learning setup their children will have in the upcoming academic year and what concerns, if any, they have about the health, safety and education of their families.

Survey results will be shared here at the website in the very near future. Thank You!

ScienceStart!’s Preschool Curriculum Is…

Coherent ScienceStart!


The curriculum is coherent as each lesson builds on the previous one and provides the foundation for the next day’s lesson. Thus, skills and knowledge are logically and appropriately sequenced ensuring an ever-increasing base from which to learn more.

Sciencestart! Integrated Curriculum


Each day’s lesson focuses on scientific exploration of the natural world. The content of each day’s topic is integrated into all parts of the classroom day including art, read-aloud, math, language and literacy, center-based play, large group time, and small- and large motor activities.

Standards Based ScienceStart!

Standards Based

The preschool curriculum meets standards set by states and by professional organizations such as the Next Generation Science Standards (NSTA/NGSS) American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE), and Common Core.

Based On Research ScienceStart!

Based on Research

This developmentally appropriate curriculum is based on theories of human development, particularly those of Vygotsky and Piaget and the expertise of the lead developer of ScienceStart! Prof. Lucia French.

ScienceStart! – Purchased In Over 32 States

Our Reach Is Growing!

ScienceStart! has been purchased not only across the United States, but internationally as well, including Australia, Canada, South Korea, Taiwan and Turkey

“One of the things is that it is hands-on…so often our students need that hands-on experience.”


“Charlie recently advised his grandparents that shadows happen when an object blocks light and went to show them how it works.”


“I remember her coming home and classifying everything in the house as living and non-living.”


“The more children use language to exchange real information the more skilled they become.”


“…like I can’t believe we’re talking about solids, liquids and gases and these kids are 4 and they’re understanding what we’re talking about.”


“My daughter would classify things around her as solid, gas or liquid.”


“They understand the difference between transparent, translucent and opaque.”


“Children ask one another real questions”


“Our little boy continues to incorporate the properties of matter into his imaginative play and when helping to cook in the kitchen.”

Scienstart Purchased in 32 States in USA

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