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There are so many sources of information that it’s hard to sort the wheat from the chaff and also stay up to date about preschool issues. To help remedy this we’ll be creating succinct blogs on timely and interesting topics for educators and administrators. We’ll also include timely reports and research that informs policy and practice.

We are also in the planning stages for creating an interactive users forum and anticipate a launch within the year.

Intentional Teaching in Preschool

As a teacher in a busy preschool classroom, you may become caught up in each…

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Let’s Pick Some Apples – A Fall Preschool Activity

In many parts of the country, the beginning of the school year coincides with the…

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A Trip to the Farmer’s Market – A Fall Activity for Preschoolers

In Autumn, fruits and vegetables are harvested and provide a valuable opportunity for experiential learning…

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science glassware
Top 10 Reasons to Put Science at the Center of an Integrated Curriculum

Educators who agree that an integrated curriculum is a good idea at the early childhood…

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two african American boys exploring nature - ScienceStart!
Outdoor Investigators

There are some proven ways that children learn best, and one of them is in…

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African American mom reading a book to her daughter - ScienceStart!
The Goldilocks Effect: Preschool Brains Love A Good Book

It wasn’t so long ago that the typical American home had a telephone on the…

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Young children sitting in a circle in a classroom - Sciencestart!
Don’t Tell Me You Don’t Know

One week years ago, when my third-born was 2 years 10 months old, my husband…

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Children Playing together at the Playground - ScienceStart!
When Being Bored Can Be a Good Thing

A recent opinion piece in the New York Times (2/3/19, Pamela Paul, “Let Children Get…

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Preschooler Walking With Parent SCienceStart! Preschool Curriculum
Beginning Preschool – Advice For Parents

It’s a time of great excitement as your child begins a process that will eventually…

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Boys and Girl Holding Hands Jumpint in the Air - ScienceStart! Preschool Curriculum
Does ScienceStart! Work?

It’s a question that every educator needs to ask-beyond the gloss and glitter does the…

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ScienceStart! Preschool Classroom
What’s The Best Way For Children To Learn In Preschool?

Years of research have shown that young children learn while they are doing things, either…

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Young ASian Boy looking through Magnifying Glass - Teaching Preschool Children ScienceStart!
How Effective Are Creative Curriculum And High Scope In Teaching Preschool Children?

There are a number of questions preschool educators need to ask when considering which products…

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