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Science ZipKit Book Volume 1: Preschool

Science ZipKit Book Volume 1: Preschool

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Each Science Zipkit Book contains all the information needed for early childhood teachers, Head Start programs and daycare providers to form a rich parent-outreach program. Topics and materials are familiar to parents and capitalize on children’s curiosity about their everyday world. The ZipKits can be used for many forms of parent outreach including classrooms, home-visits, and parent-child gatherings.

Science Zipkits contain instructions and all the materials needed for adults and children to carry out a science investigation together. These materials are for the family to keep. Science ZipKits offer an opportunity for the parent and child to explore together, for the child to demonstrate what s/he is learning in school, and for the parent to support this learning. Often the activity is shared with siblings and other family members.

Science ZipKit Books contain:

·Lists of readily available materials for assembling ZipKits

·Instruction sheets to photocopy for inclusion in each ZipKit

·Graphs, charts, and other written materials as required for each ZipKit

·Suggestions for organizing a ZipKit Program at your school

·Background information about science education in early childhood

Each volume contains instructions for 22 ZipKits. Volume 1 is for 3- and 4-year-olds and Volume 2 is for 4- to 7-year-olds.

Compared to activities in Volume 2, the activities in Volume 1 contain broader questions, are more sensory-oriented, and have fewer writing demands. Activities in Volume 2 include inquiry-based questions, focus on science process skills such as making predictions and keeping records, and may involve doing an activity over a longer period of time, forexample watching and documenting a seed growing.

Programs that use the LiteraSci Curriculum (Classroom Lessons) will find that the ZipKits are coordinated with the monthly lesson plans.

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