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Module 1: Measurement and Mapping

The first few weeks of preschool are a time when children adjust to being members of a group, learn daily routines, and gradually become participants in the ongoing life of the classroom. When we first conceived of ScienceStart! as an all day, everyday early childhood curriculum, we asked our three lead teachers to help us integrate science concepts into typical activities of the first month or so of preschool.

The result was our 8 week Measurement and Mapping Module, divided into the My School and My Friends Month and the Learning to Measure Month.

The My School and My Friends lesson plans guide children's exploration of their new school environment, their teachers, classmates, and physical surroundings. For example, during this month children participate in creating and representing (listing) the daily schedule, charting each child’s birthday, creating a map of the classroom, and sorting toys according to where they belong.

Similar activities build on these simple forms of representation in the second month, Learning to Measure. During this month, children learn how to measure the length and width of their classroom, learn about volume, follow directions for making playdough and cake using tablespoons, teaspoons, and cups. Finally they explore the concepts of small, medium, and large in the context of Goldilocks.

The week long set of lesson plans Measuring to Cook provides opportunities for children to make things they can either eat or play with (e.g., playdough) as they learn the importance of accuracy and the differences between standard and non-standard measuring tools.

Autumn Science Month and the four sets of weekly lesson plans associated with Autumn Science also offer multiple opportunities to for children to actively participate in measuring and representing leaves, trees, apples, pumpkins, and so forth.

"One of the things is that it is hands-on...so often our students need that hands-on experience."     Teacher  

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Unit 1: My School and My Friends<br>Monthly Lesson Plan
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Unit 2: Learning to Measure<br>Monthly Lesson Plan
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