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Guided Reading Activity Sheet

View our Guided Reading Activity Sheet That supports best practices in reading aloud to children.

Among many other benefits, reading aloud to young children is a strong predictor of how easily they will learn to read.

Many parents are uncertain how to read to their children.  This is especially true if they were never read to themselves.  For this reason, we have developed a simple handout that guides parents through what we know to be the best practices for reading aloud.  When they follow the activity guide, parents will do much more than simply read the words of the text.  They will help their children develop:

  • print and book awareness
  • oral expression skills
  • comprehension skills
  • drawing inferences
  • making predictions
  • translating spoken words into drawn representations

For more information about how the Guided Reading Activity Sheet was used by ScienceStart! parents who participated in our Early Reading First Grant, view the article "The Case For A Preschool Lending Library".